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I am posting less and less here are I am using Flickr more and more. It is easier to load more than one photo in a sitting on Flickr than here.

I first started processing my own film at school.
then I worked in a ad agency in north sydney in the darkroom.
now I process my films and printing at chris reid's blanco negro labs in sydney. thanks chris.

thanks to all my friends here in aminus3.

photography is everything to me ... although humans are essentially alone in the world, they long to be connected to others. People want to have meaning in one another's lives, but ultimately they must come to realize that they cannot depend on others for validation, and with that realization they finally acknowledge and understand that they are fundamentally alone (Yalom, 1980). The result of this revelation is anxiety in the knowledge that our validation must come from within and not from others. thank heavens for photography as an expressive form...

not all images are shown here. just a few I like personally. here is where the rest are ...

also on http://www.flickr.com/photos/mattsuttonphotography/
also on matt-f1.tumblr.com/
also on mattsutton.com.au

"Australia Photography and Gallery Compendium 2011" p.100/101
"SIMA 25th Birthday" 2012, all the photos in this book are mine (except 2)

2006 - "Through My Eyes" - Studio W, Woolloomooloo, NSW, Sydney.
2008 - "Tete a Tete" - Studio W, Woolloomooloo, NSW, Sydney.
2010 - "Animation of Spirit" - Studio W, Woolloomooloo, NSW, Sydney.
2010 - "December Twist: A feast for all your senses" - Curiousworks, Sydney.
2012 - "Quam-Isara" - Blanco Negro, Sydney.

"Is it even possible to think of someone in the past? As long as we were in love with each other we didn't allow the tiniest of our moments, the smallest of our sorrows to be detached from us and left behind. Sounds, smells, degrees of light, even the thoughts we had not told each other - we took all this with us and it all remained alive: we never stopped enjoying it and suffering from it in the present. Not a single memory; an implacable, torrid love, without a shadow, without a withdrawal, without an evasion. Three years present at one and the same time. That is why we separated: we no longer had enough strength to bear the burden. And then, when Anny left me, all at once, all together, the three years collapsed into the past. I didn't even suffer, I felt empty. Then time started flowing again and the emptiness grew larger. Then, in Saigon, when I decided to come back to France, all that was left - foreign places, squares, quays besides rivers - all that was wiped out. And now my past is nothing but a huge hole. My present ... "
~ Jean-Paul Sartre. Nausea.

Photography Equipment

using a camera to help me see without a camera
thanks Dorothea Lange